The mysterious video of Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv - Hoax!

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According to stories circulating on the internet, 153 people gouging his own eyes after watching a mysterious video on Youtube site. This video is regarded as one of the most horrible video in the Internet world. However, the reality was not like that. This video is just one of many hoaxes that circulate widely in cyberspace.

Videos named Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv was reputedly has caused 153 people who saw his own eyes prying. Many people regard this story as a true story and do not dare to watch the recording.

But this time I'll show you if the video is not at all mysterious or terrifying. I'm sure some of you have guessed that the video was just a hoax. Therefore, I would equip you to notify suspected origin of this hoax, so you no longer need to fear these silly recordings.

Every time the video that appeared on websites or blogs, it always begins with a story that makes people who read them shudder with fear. Here's her story:

"Perhaps there is a video on Youtube entitled Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. If you find this video, you will not find any. If you are looking for a couple of times, you'll find something. But what can you see the video only lasts 20 seconds which indicates a man is looking at you with no expression and grinned at the last 2 seconds. "

"Video original duration 2 minutes and removed by Youtube after 153 people who witnessed it myself and send them prying eyes (their eyes) to Youtube's main office in San Bruno. According to the story, many people who also committed suicide with a variety of ways after watching the video. Up to now still unknown how they can send their eyes after mencongkelnya out. And the mysterious messages carved into them on the arm are also still not resolved. "

"Youtube periodically display the first 20 seconds of footage to eliminate the suspicion that people would not find the original video and upload it. The video was also witnessed by one Youtube staff who then began to scream after the second to 45th. He was later to be controlled by sedative and it seems he does not remember what he had witnessed. Others who are in the same room with him while he watched the video and turn it off saying that if they only hear high-pitched drill. None of those who dare to look into screen. "

"The person who uploaded the video was never found, the IP address of record that never existed. And the man in the video were never identified."

This video version of 20 seconds,
  called intentionally installed Youtube to eliminate suspicions:

This is the screenshot. The video begins with a photograph of a man with a whole screen is red.

In the last few seconds, the man turned into a photo like this.

And even then the video ends. Interesting.

Perhaps this story reminds you with super horrible movie called "The Ring". If the movie was based on a true story, then I think most of you will decide to stop watching television.

However, do not worry, the story above was not a true story, but merely an urban legend that circulated on the internet.

The first time, the story above was written in the form of Creepy Pasta, which is a term that refers to the short fiction horror story written by Internet users who generally takes from an urban legend that has been circulating.

So, this story is just a fiction.

The story, entitled Mereana Glesgorv Mordegard was first published in on April 17, 2008. Then, an Internet user with the nickname Brokeanddrive create a video duration of 20 seconds and post them to Youtube on April 18, 2008. He connects the video with the story of Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv.

Videos that I show above is a video posted by Brokeanddrive.

However, the real story will not be circulated with the broad and trusted as the truth if only people would read the information given by Brokeanddrive in the video. He writes with a sarcastic tone:

"By the way, for anyone who acted as though this is a video that makes you send the ball up your eyes on Youtube ... come on, let us read the first paragraph together:

'It is said that on Youtube there is a video entitled Mereana mordegard glesgorv. If you find this video, you will not find any. J If you are looking for a couple of times, you'll find something.' What can you see the video only lasts 20 seconds which shows a man is looking at you, expressionless, and grinned at the two last second. "

You know, I sit and stare at my computer screen for several minutes, trying to think of ways to explain why this video is not video murder "Ring" is meant. However, in the end, I undo my intentions because I think that would be like trying to tell someone (who is not blind) on a sunny day, when sunlight is really bright.

So f ** k it

If you still do not understand the sentence that I say in the paragraph above, then you are a dangerous fool yourselves and for others, and you should be locked in a sealed cell.

I feel better now. "

It is difficult to understand perkataanya clearly. It seems this guy has a character quite punk. However, from a satirical context, we can know if the video is diuploadnya is just a hoax . If he is serious, then it uses the phrase should also be more serious.

Other evidence about hoaxnya this video can be found in the last paragraph in the story. Disebutkan kalau: Mentioned that:

                "And the man in the video were never identified."

Indeed, the man's name is unknown, but Brokeanddrive was just taking a photo he found in the forum (uploaded June 12, 2005) and turned it into a video. Photo same man also can be found on the site , a web design site.

This photo is used by

These two other photos that can be found on the forum .

So the man was not a mystery man or a ghost from another world.

Remarkably, after Brokeanddrive upload the video, several other people began to make a video similar to the various versions and duration. This helped create a horror story and video has become a popular tale in the world.

Hoax was later confirmed by Brokeanddrive own. When interviewed , he said:

"During the first few days, I watched with amazement as the number of people who saw the video that continues to grow and grow. If I remember correctly, it looks like on the second day, videoku again uploaded to Youtube by someone else. One, two, then four to twelve videos. And it has contributed meritorious action to help the spread of endless parody. "

"I particularly like the video that showed the lights at the head of the man who ended with shouts of Michael Jackson. I received several emails about the video, and mostly I just replied to them: 'No, not me who upload the video. What the hell are you talking about? 'You know, I just wanted to make a warm elements in this ghost story continues to unfold. "

There you go. Apparently it all just a hoax.

Well, because you already know the history of this video and found that the video was just a hoax, of course you would not be afraid to watch the video. Therefore I will now show that two-minute video for you guys to watch. I am sure you will not scream of fear, in fact I'm sure you'll think how ridiculous this video.

Happy watching.

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